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The Time has come for you to consider your Soul Fitness to survive the present Age of Disruption
- in a lifefulfilling way
  by overcoming

the prevailing intellectual zeitgeist domination via the
Academy4 Think-
; beyond

Other (?0-*3>ZG)   determinateness
with personally
Beyond suppression
- in Love-Coded
Collective*?'s domination with its weapons of mass-deception - with little institutional and legal consequences so far...
- by
adhering to Your
  innate Constitution;
  the focus here

What SOUL FITNESS is really all about

... to understand how to overcome
the OPTION I farming of humans personas by human arrogance and fear...

Isaac Asimov leaving his soul as a stumbling block tinkered with by religious history he, a biochemist, followed the ZG-zeitgeist and invited the readers of his recommendable bestsellers on a galactic ride. Rather than being soul-fit tuned into his corner stones, his constitution, Asimov trusted robots as long as they obeyed his §1-2-3-0 laws of robotics to save mankind as man'sFitness calls to Action work! However, Albert Einstein made if clear, that you cannot solve a problem with the thinking that evoked it; above all the %1-politicall correct, Mind-Body seen everybody merely as a "human being" under the OPTION I's permanently self-destructive MATRIX; as if you could only do what is expressively allowed. With this category error Asimov assumed a robot could outperform what only a soul-fit thus individual real human being can do based on being developed with §1-2-3-0 as a grown-up should have, here are Art. 1,2,4,5 as My Constitution:

§1) My Mind-Body may not injure my Soul or, through inaction, allow my Soul to come to harm (such as after the evolution of the organized prejudices with religious - national - bureaucratic - social and now digital human identities without which your are now said to be inexistent in the present thus evoked, Age of Disruption beginning Nov. 24. 2016).

§2) My Mind-Body must obey the orders given it by my Soul except where such orders would conflict with §1 - live is more than health-wealth-social success as necessary as that is, it is not sufficient for lifefulfillment - without which everything is nothing.

§3) My Mind-Body must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with §1 or §2. If you want to learn like those at the leading edge, solving problems is proven to be more effective than watching lectures and videos. However, only if you follow-up your §2-inner purpose with your OPTION II can you fulfill your life with this substantial attitude of a 10-year old, realized with the §3-integrity a 15-year old is challenged to grow up to, can you fulfill yourself in a §0-sustainable way as a 20-year old should be capable of at least professionally. Otherwise you are left as a confused unbeliever in one of the 541-Gulags (spineless is better than evil) within the global  623KZ-concentration camp (what is bad for business needs to be outcompeted, for one's power game, needs to be liquidated) organized by the really mighty ones....

§0) My Mind-Body may not harm humanity, or, by inaction, allow humanity to come to harm.

And that is what this site is about with soul-fit - when you take action, introduced to you personally with a

30min Synergy sessions working out your

Checklist for your SOUL Fitness; the precondition for the

Preamble of your Constitution, based on my example, followed by

Art. 1-21 of Your Constitution to be 222-internatized 4U2 with

OPTION II - Coded Relationships with an app beyond the MATRIX

Drill deeper: [Designer] [Intellect] [Psycho-Analysis] [Synergy]

Human Systems fulfill the relevant options of their substance;
OPTION II can be modeled with relevant open-ended generative principles!
The ZG-zeitgeist makes people dance around its prevailing icons;
in permanently self-destructive ways, from to Golden Calf to Stephen Hawking,
as a
science idol; we rather need a sustainably lifefulfilling think-system - here you find it!

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