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The Time has come for you to consider your Soul Fitness to survive the present Age of Disruption
- in a lifefulfilling way
  by overcoming

the prevailing intellectual zeitgeist domination via the
Academy4 Think-
; beyond

Other (?0-*3>ZG)   determinateness
with personally
Beyond suppression
- in Love-Coded
Collective*?'s domination with its weapons of mass-deception - with little institutional and legal consequences so far...
- by
adhering to Your
  innate Constitution;
  the focus here

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PS. When it comes to human systems, it is not always that easy,
      but their is a way you can get access to.




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Drill deeper:

Human Systems fulfill the relevant options of their substance;
OPTION II can be modeled with relevant open-ended generative principles!
The ZG-zeitgeist makes people dance around its prevailing icons;
in permanently self-destructive ways, from to Golden Calf to Stephen Hawking,
as a
science idol; we rather need a sustainably lifefulfilling think-system - here you find it!

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